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Connect with potential clientes, investors and innovation programs in all Latin America. It's fast and easy. Find all opportunities in one place place.


Launch your program in our platform, centralize the entire process and learn new solutions in all Latin America.


Identify several startups, centralize the evaluation process and save time using our solution.

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Learn the startups and solutions that are exceling in different markets.


startups with hardware or software aimed at the retail market


solutions that have applicability in the financial sector, replacing or enhancing traditional financial services (including insuretechs)

Health Tech

startups that have created hardware, systems, or platforms that impact the healthcare industry

Smart Cities

solutions applicable in cities


solutions applicable at any stage of the agricultural chain


startups who have developed solutions geared towards marketing and communication

Constru & Proptechs

solutions applicable in any stage related to construction: development of materials, platforms and software

Social Impact

startups that have solutions that generate social and environmental benefits

Who's already evaluated our startups

Anually, a network of executives and investors evaluate the best solutions.

Lisa Besserman
Founder and CEO of Startup Buenos Aires
Don Tapscott
Founder of Blockchain Research Institute
Luis Quiroz
Director of Deloitte
Luiza Trajano
Board President
Marcel Daltro
Partner at Nelson Wilians
Hernan Gamboa
Hub Manager of Enel
Eduard Carreres
Yuki Furuki
Director of Jetro
Karen Mirkin
Head of Investments of Wayra
Ivan Murias
CEO of TokStok
Paula Enei
International Networks Executive of Start-Up Chile
Nick Angelou
VP and Head of Portifolio at International Accelerator

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