Who’s going to evaluate your startup

Eugenio Gonzalez
Investor of Plug and Play
Cristina Hori
Business Development at Ontario Trade and Investment Office
Guilherme Lima
Portifolio Manager at ACE
Javier Garcia
Director of Startups at Plug & Play Mexico
Elian D. Alvarez
Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ 54 Ventures | Managing Director @ EMPREAR Business Angels
Sebastian Vidal
Executive Director of Parallel18
Britt Talbert
Co-founder & Managing Partner, EarlyMint
Marc Lussy
Senior Advisor and Mentor at F10
Rafael Pinto
Director at LatAm Startups
Miryam Lazarte
CEO at LatAm Startups
Pedro Aramburu Stuart
Founder of PECAP
Charlie Travers
Head of Investments at Angel Ventures
Luis Bermejo
Managing Partner at Alaya Capital
Marcos Carvalho
Head of New Projects of ABO2O
Carlos Rodrich
Lisa Besserman
Founder and CEO of Startup Buenos Aires
Don Tapscott
Founder of Blockchain Research Institute
Luis Quiroz
Director of Deloitte
Nick Angelou
VP and Head of Portifolio at International Accelerator
Marcel Daltro
Partner at Nelson Wilians
Hernan Acuña
Innovation Hub Manager
Eduard Carreres
Yuki Furuki
Director of Jetro
Karen Mirkin
Head of Investments of Wayra
Ivan Murias
CEO of TokStok
Paula Enei
International Networks Executive of Start-Up Chile
Amynthas Gallo
Carl Amorim
Country Executive of Blockchain Research Institute
Óscar Dominguez
Founder and CEO of Territorio Bitcoin
Fábio Dias
CEO of Born Global Partner
Daiane Andognini
Founder e Consultant da Hug Consultoria
Isabel Brandão
Community Building and Partnerships Manager at Startup Mexico
Ines Gomes
Research Consul of Canada
Miriam Becerra
Innovation Gym Director at Tec Monterrey
María Del Carmen Farias
Director of Inversor Latam
Dorival Dourado
CEO of Vector Inovação e Tecnologia
Candice Pascoal
Founder of Kickante
Mariana Zanatta
Manager at Unicamp Incubator
Andrea Rodriguez Valdez
CEO & Founder of Proptech Latam
Tatiana Nagamine
Alberto Rodriguez
Spain Embassy
Marcello Gonçalves
Founder of DOMO Invest
Javier Cueto
CEO of Imagine Lab Incubator
Thiago Silveira
Principal Consultant at Invest HK
Constanza Moraga
Portifolio Manager of Magical Startups
Péter Kovács
Co-founder of GSA
Gonzallo Sanchez
Portfolio Manager at Startup Bootcamp
Ana Paula Cavillo
Lean Startup Mexico
Tatiana Leon
Director of Connect Bogota
Patricia Osório
Co-founder of GV Angels
Sheila Alves
Investment Manager at Switzerland Global Enterprise
Alejandro Días Ariza
Analyst at Angel Ventures
Juan Diego Garcia
Analyst at Angel Ventures
Sebastián Stranieri
CEO of VU Security
Tony Ventura
CEO of Tony Ventura
Pablo Manzano
CFO of Incutex
Victor Cortés
CEO of Contxto
Andres Alvarez Maxemin
CEO of Consejo de Empresarios Jalisco
Alejandro Vivanco
Principal of Powers and Roots